A Viking Wedding Cake

 wedding cake collage 1

(the photos in this post show the exhaustion experienced by the groom’s mother after 3 1/2 days of cake making, and then the wedding and reception.Sorry…)

Dear Son got married!  The sweet couple requested that my daughter and I bake the wedding cake.  They requested a German Village on a mountainous terrain, with a church and a building in the village for each parent which would be in a favorite cake that the parent liked.  (DD was the 4-H Grand Champion Cake Decorator at our County Fair several years ago when she was in high school.)

The cake was a reflection of the heritage of the bride and groom—A cake that combined a German and a Danish Theme.  (As this was a very special day, this cake was not made with a healthy whole food ingredient list………we just couldn’t do it and it was a once in a life time moment.)

wedding cake 1

The cake ended up being 2 x 4 feet at the base which was a 3/4 inch sheet of plywood. It was important that the plywood support the weight of the cake.  The cake itself was a delicious sponge cake and was placed in layers to create ocean, beach and mountains. We made several hundred small flowers and leaves to add to it and piped on the bushes.  We put in a creek to hide a seam and added a bridge to pull it together. Bushes were piped on and cobble stone paths were created by marbling fondant and forming it into flat stones.  Evergreen trees were hand molded from fondant (my daughter’s idea).

viking ship 1

The Viking ship was made from rice krispy cereal treats, which were then carved into the shape  of a ship.  Dark brown fondant was cut into plank shapes and added to the ship base. Trim pieces were and embellishments were added.  My father, ever the historian, pulled out book after book of details of the ships.

The only parts of the cake and ship that were not edible were the flag, which I hurriedly cut from from a primitive muslin.  Just as fast, I painted on the red and white stripes, let dry and sketched a  serpent and filled it in with black and gold paint.  The wood oars were bamboo skewers with  paddle section  made from modeling chocolate.

viking ship 111

The serpent at the front of the ship closely resembled the one on the sail.  The head of the ship was made by molding gum paste by hand on another skewer which was then stuck into the front of the ship.  It was painted with brown paint and dusted with gold and bronze edible glitter.

Finally the traditional Danish Groom’s cake was made by my mother who baked two.  These are cakes that are made out of almond paste and baked in concentric rings.  They are then carefully un-molded and stacked one top on each other. A simple zig-zag icing is added and then small flags from Denmark and Germany were added, as are traditional on these cakes.

groom's cake

wedding cake samll collage 1

When everything was finished the cakes were loaded up and taken to the reception hall, where dd and her boyfriend (he was supportive and level headed and transporting this cake in urban traffic was a heroic feat–he earned many points!!!!!!) were told  that the employees were concerned about moving this kind of cake around. A minor panic attack ensued when they found out the refrigerator was on a different floor from the reception.  Deep breath after deep breath and a few phone calls and they were able to devise a plan to move the cake at the appropriate time for the young couple.

It was a great and truly joyous day.  A wonderful couple, good friends and family and we all survived…… The cake was fun, hard work and we would do it again for people we love so much.

sig summer

Have you ever made a wedding cake?  How well did you survive? Hope you can share some pictures.




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